Slab heave crack

How to Fix Slab Heave

Slab heave can be fixed. The cracks in your house that open and close can be stabilised. Cornell Engineers has the experience and knowledge to help you fix slab heave.

Do This First

If you are a home owner and your house is starting to move and crack, do this first:

  • Read “What is Slab Heave” and watch our video on Slab Heave.
  • Start a Crack Diary.
  • Find water sources that are entering the ground around your house and eliminate them.
    • Fix leaking pipes.
    • Repair dripping taps.
    • Fix broken pipes under your house.
    • NEVER plant trees near your house.
    • Capture condensate from air-conditioners and hot water systems and divert it away from your house.

Do these things before you talk to your builder. Do them before you lodge a claim with your insurance company. Do them before you start paying for engineers and expensive chemicals. Do them before you fix ANY damage.

What’s Next

The problems associated with slab heave can often be overcome by one of these solutions:

  • Improve the tolerance of the building to uneven movement. This solution includes articulation gaps and joints and wall strengthening but is only appropriate if the slab doesn’t feel uneven.
  • Remove the cause of the uneven movement. Identify sources of soil moisture and eliminate them or isolate the building from them.
  • Isolate the building from uneven movement. This method include jacking and underpinning so that the house is supported clear of the ground movement. Not all houses can be fixed this way.
  • Demolition and re-construction of the house using one or more of the above techniques and/or a stiffer/stronger footing system.

Do it Right

I’m sad to say – unless slab heave damage is repaired correctly, it will come back again, and again, and again. Concrete slab repairs have to be done correctly.

Some builders think that houses with slab heave damage can’t be repaired. Houses with slab heave can be stabilised!

Cornell Engineers have engineered successful repair and rectification projects many times. Matt Cornell has never had to recommend demolition of a whole house because of slab heave.

Let me say that again: In twenty years of full time practice as a structural engineer, Matt Cornell has never ordered the demolition of a house because of concrete slab heave.

Cornell Engineers can Fix Slab Heave

If your house has moved and cracked because of uneven soil moisture conditions, I can diagnose this problem and help you fix it. I can help you fix your concrete slab heave, reduce cracking and reduce ongoing movement.

Get a Quote.

In time you will be able to fix the cracks and enjoy your house.

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  1. Hi Maggie and Rochelle. I’ve been following with interest the conversation you’ve been having regarding your problems with slab heave. Thank you also to Jason for contributing. Maggie you are right – it is a very stressful time. Solving slab heave is a slow process. Rochelle, try to stay positive. Staying informed and asking lots of questions will definitely help you stay in control. The QBCC is very good at solving slab heave issues and the panel engineers are all very experienced. If you’d like to have a chat about your progress, my details are on the website.

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