What could you do on your own?
What could you do in a group?
What could you do in an exceptional group?

Structural engineers have the unique opportunity to build, create, imagine, design, author and invent beautiful, unique, safe, modern, green, wonderful structures.

When you join a group of like-minded, exceptional engineers, imagine how you could achieve your potential while kicking goals with us.

Why work with us?

We bring exceptional people together to solve unique problems;
We build strong homes for people who need our help;
We solve problems like they’re our own.

We engineer new homes and rectify and repair dwellings that aren’t performing to expectation. We love what we do and we do it very, very well. You’ll join a team that’s passionate about structural engineering, passionate about creating beautiful structures and super passionate about making great buildings.

Want to join us?

Current Vacant Positions

We are currently recruiting

  • Experienced structural engineer
  • Graduate structural engineer
  • Cadet AutoCad drafter

Show us why  we should hire you. We’re social media savvy so surprise us with an exceptional application. We use this website, Facebook and Twitter to talk to clients. Why not have a chat to us there.



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Residential Structural Engineers

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