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Cornell Engineers are at the forefront of building and maintaining their knowledge. That’s why they have a regular program of Friday morning training sessions including speakers from law firms, technical representatives and in-house technical presentations.

Thank You Brent Turnbull

Cornell Engineers welcomed Mr Brent Turnbull, special counsel at McKays Solicitors, this morning for this week’s Friday morning training session.

Brent Turnbull is an experienced building and construction lawyer and he took time out his day this morning to discuss litigious and regulatory matters especially as they relate to signing of Form 15s and Form 16s.

Beware when signing Form 15 – you may be personally liable

We’d like to formally thank Brent for his time and recommend him to our construction industry friends and clients as an extremely knowledgeable solicitor with significant experience in drafting construction contracts, construction litigation and acting for (and against) architects and engineers.

Thank you Brent Turnbull and thank you McKays Solicitors! We learnt a lot today.

Thank You Powers Fasteners

A big thank you to Arslan Awan and Matthew Brunt from Powers Fasteners for delivering their technical presentation to our engineers on Friday 31 August 2018.

We learned that Powers Fasteners are distributed through a network of distributors that make getting Powers Fasteners onto construction sites easy and cost-effective.

The Powers Fasteners product range includes mechanical anchoring, adhesive anchoring, screws, rivets, power tools, hole cleaning brushes and embedded anchors.

Some of the takeaways for the day for us were: Continue reading Thank You Powers Fasteners

Training Session – Building Over or Near Public Infrastructure

Join Cornell Engineer’s structural engineer, Jed Maybury, for an introduction to MP1.4 Building Over or Near Relevant Infrastructure in Queensland. 

MP1.4 is the rule book for engineers for designing buildings over sewer pipes in Queensland.

MP1.4 specifies rules for how close footings can be to sewer pipes, stormwater pipes, gas pipes, Telstra pipes, NBN cables and other underground pipes.

For example when building near a council sewer pipe,  the footings have to be clear of the manholes, clear of the sewer connection point (the location your house connects to the sewer) and clear of the sewer pipe itself.

Here are the Powerpoint slides for you to click along with.

Connect with Jed Maybury on LinkedIn.

Grab your copy of MP1.4 from HPW

To find out more about why we have rules for building over sewers, check out this Youtube video about building over sewers.

Building over a Sewer Pipe in Brisbane

If you are planning a house extension, renovation or a new home in Brisbane and are building close to or over a sewer, get Cornell Engineers to help. Contact Us today.