Structural Engineering in the News 29 June 2019

Every week Google sends me a Google Alert for the search term “structural engineer” with the latest news articles featuring our world of structural engineering.

Let’s go through the articles together and see what’s happening in our local world of structural engineering.

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G’day. This is Matt Cornell from Cornell Engineers and Google Alerts for the term search term “Structural Engineer”. This is
the Google Alert dated 29th of June 2019.

Let’s see what we’ve got today. So a quick scan through. Mascot Towers, Mascot Towers. Young engineers. Senior engineer. Mascot
Towers. Women and engineering. Origin and Cause. Okay so we’ve got a bit to cover today.

A couple on Mascot Towers.

Let’s get into it.

So from Mascot Towers moving downwards according to an engineer. Ten-year-old building evacuated. Residents have been forced to sleep elsewhere – haven’t been allowed back into
the units except to grab some things.

Mascot Towers coordinating engineers now identified a new issue on the northern eastern boundaries of the complex. It appears that the building is moving in a downward motion.

It’s unfortunate that we’re not getting the names of the engineers that we can we can work out where this information is coming from.

Two senior geotechnical engineers have been engaged, been visiting the site with help from Engineers Australia which is the body that governs engineers is one of the bodies and don’t forget that in New South Wales engineering is pretty much unregulated, that you don’t have to be a registered engineer to practice engineering and in New South Wales the state government has announced a multi-million dollar assistance package.,But the thing is, I mean it’s frustrating,

For the residents who have been kicked out of their unit without much warning and haven’t probably haven’t been told much more than what we get getting told here on the internet on the news on Google search terms um but they getting kicked out and engineers are investigating but really it’s taking too long and now they’re talking about parts of the building sinking.

So not good news.

Let’s see what else we got here.

Documents could hold key to trouble with Mascot Towers. Engineers have finally received the documents they need to
figure out what caused huge cracks. Again this is on
Sydney council has retrieved the documents. Engineers have requested the documents back to 2004 and its 10-year old building. Yesterday a developer of a neighbouring building rejected speculation linking their recently completed project were the Mascot Towers problems.

Well that’s all very well but you know. Where’s the proof?

But if things happening on both sides of the building obviously that’s not just the neighbour on one side contributing to this movement and damage. So council has finally got this their stuff together
and released the paperwork they were holding.

The weird thing is that what why wait for council if there was a developer had the plans, the builder had the plans. All the builders, all the people who went on site had different sets of plans or probably had the latest sets of plans you’d hope. Why weren’t these
plans a little bit more available? So I have some questions about why it took so long to wait for council to retrieve plans when the certifier and the builder all had a copy of these plans.

Look some good news here hopefully. New Orleans modern-day hidden figure. 20 year old Tiera Fletcher, structural engineer for
Boeing. Let’s have a look at this one.

This sounds a little bit more uplifting. Here we go.

So Tiera Fletcher, a structural engineer for Boeing, is paving the way for those underrepresented in STEM (which is science, technology, engineering and mathematics). “I”m a triple minority”, she said. “Young, black, female in the field of aerospace engineering. I’m not exactly what you call common face.”

Unfortunately um not exactly what you would call a common face whether it’s aerospace engineering or structural engineering for that matter. Whether it’s America or Australia. She plays a key role in helping design an engine that will one day power a rocket that will send astronauts back to the moon and to Mars.

This is a nice article and I’m really pleased that that we’ve got a chance to go through this one. So she got a 5.0 GPA studying aerospace engineering, making history which is great. It utilizes their knowledge and resources so it there’s a fair bit of weight put on this
young lady and there should be maybe more things, more acknowledgement.

I know there’s there’s a lot of work to try and represent women in the engineering field and to promote that and the people are doing that are doing a great job. We’ve got a long way to go and it’d be great to see more women in the STEM, which didn’t exist (as STEM) when I went through university, but the science technology engineering and maths fields but good on them.

Every chance we get let’s promote the women that are in our engineering classes. Let’s acknowledge them and let’s get some more girls into engineering and women into engineering and we’re looking forward to it.

So nice article there. Thank you. From the Philadelphia Tribune.

Senior structural engineer, Oil Voice., Looking for a senior structural engineer and good on them um here we go. This is a job in Melbourne in the CBD.

Technical engineering from tender to completion. This company is from the UK. It’s growing and expanding across Australia you’ll be within the structural drafting team. (this is engineering job?) Structural drafting team working on current and new development projects. Experience you need well they highlight bridge and roadway tenders and have a senior level experience. Um so bridge definitely is structural engineering. It’s not stuff that Cornell engineers gets into necessarily. In fact very rarely and then it’s only like pedestrian bridges but certainly structural engineers play a big role in bridge and highway design.

A six month contract role with temp to permanent options. Help to build a business. Okay so good news. A senior structural engineer
being sought in Melbourne.

Another one on the Mascot Towers. Okay we know about this one. So this is from SBS News. Engineers have requested documents. Look I think we’ve got this one under control Mascot Towers clearly confirms pre-existing damage…. ah…..this is something new.

Look the neighbouring development had engineers undertake a dilapidation report of surrounding buildings before the construction of peak Towers.

What a fantastic move by the neighbours. They had no idea this work, this was going to become a problem.

They had no idea that the neighbours buildings were gonna, were suffering structural damage until, until they had this engineering assessment, dilapidation report of the surrounding buildings and I really urge developers, whether you’re building a multi-story Mascot/Peak Towers or a single or double storey building right next door to your neighbour’s property, Take the opportunity to engage someone, an engineer or a building inspector to go and take levels and record the existing pre-existing damage on a neighbouring property before you start work so you can show whether or not – look if you’ve damaged the neighbouring building then by all means you you fix it but if the damage existed before you started then you know that’s back on the the neighbour’s owner so it’s a great idea to take pre-condition surveys and this is proof that the damage existed before the neighbouring building was even started. So that’s ruled out damage from the neighbour.

International Women in Engineering Day. I do like these
uplifting ones. “More role models needed to transform the future” hashtag. The past five years 23rd of June has been a day for women in engineering. Getting girls interested in engineering from a young age is crucial to accomplishing that goal. She would love to see engineering as girl’s top choice. Look it’s.

We would too. It’s a long way from that but girls, women have got an important part to play in engineering, A critical part to play in engineering and we can’t wait for them to, for the shift to come where they’re represented a lot more strongly. Of all the differences hope people really think about creating diverse workforces and creating organisations and embrace diversity. Supporting women in engineering something Hirschfield endeavours to correct in in her own work as leader. So this to
become reality, yes we need more girls to get into the STEM subjects at high school. We need more of them to go through and study engineering at university and then we need them to be available in the selection and to step up when it comes to hiring and also for business owners and leaders and hiring managers – to give women a crack.

So nice article here.

If that was looks like engineering ideas to reality something an Engineers Australia article. So good on them.Thank you.

Origin and Cause Structural Engineers receive award. Nice one from Canadan Underwriter – like to extend the warmest congratulations to forensic structural engineers who were presented with an outstanding technical paper award at the North American Masonry
conference in June 2019 Analysis of field measured reversible deformations in masonry cavity walls.

Bit of a mouthful. Good work guys. They’ve put together a paper they have written about… They’ve written a paper…. I’ll post the links below if you want to check this out some more. Thank you.

Big Kev the Palmerston dinosaur could face extinction. Hey look at this. Fate of fibreglass dinosaur hangs in the balance after the site’s new owner superstore Bunnings announced it would dismantle the prehistoric Palmerston landmark. Looking for how this relates to structural engineering. Oh you know what this. I think Google might have been searching a bit. Yeah it’s a structure of so. Awesome.

The benefits of mentoring – advice from the experts. According to the Foundation for Young Engineers, Australians aged between 17 and 25 will likely have 17 different jobs over five careers in their lifetime. ummm Benefits of mentoring aren’t just for the mentee and mentors um and we’re proud to say that Cornell Engineers mentors students from QUT in the engineering faculty, and the QUT mentoring system. It’s taken me a bit the break for the first half of this year, is invaluable. I think it’s great. I encourage anyone who happens to listen to this to this video to, and if you’re in Queensland, if you’re in Brisbane and you can mentor a young engineer please
step up. Make yourself known to QUT and the mentoring department and the mentoring system in particular.

Look. We enjoy it. We get something out of it because it gives us some, a touch with reality of the students coming through, gives us a chance to encourage young undergraduate engineers, give them some advice. They get to meet and and talk to our graduate engineers – the engineers we have at Cornell Engineers – great system. If there’s a mentoring system in your area or someone with experience in engineering orconstruction and you’ve got the chance to be a mentor I really encourage you to investigate it further.

And this is our last one. Businesses need to invest in a more balanced workforce and encourage diversity. Okay women offer different perspective and can add to the creativity. So a bit of an interview. Principle structural engineer at Aecom, Kristina Scheibler-Frood. Sorry if I got your name, ah said your name incorrectly Kristina. With only twelve percent females. Big push for women and STEM this week in Google and another great young engineer, female engineer, coming through the ranks. So nice article this one’s on

Encouraging news and as I say we’re really looking forward to better
representation of women in engineering and construction and we’re proud supporters of that. Bring it on.

So thank you guys. That’s the end of that’s the last article for this week on our Google Alerts for the search term “Structural
Engineer”. I’ll try and post the links underneath and hope you have a good week. Thank you.