Structural Engineering for Architectural Homes

You are going to spend a lot of money on your home. You want it to protect your family and your possessions. You want it to outlast you. You want your home to be your legacy.

We understand.

Cornell Engineers is proud to partner with the best architects and building designers to bring structural integrity and exceptional quality to Brisbane’s architectural homes.

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We specialise in strong, economical and worry-free structural engineering for architectural homes.

Sophisticated. Spacious.  Stunning.

We bring sophisticated reasoning and creative rationality to create spacious and stunning architectural structures.

We define substance in modernist homes with an intelligent focus on constructability, livability and honesty.

Our favourite structural elements are exposed steel frames and polished concrete slabs. We love expressed masonry facades and timber’s natural beauty.

Natural, honest structures that make you feel at home.

How much does an architectural engineer cost?

The cost of an architectural engineer depends greatly on the project.

Some architectural engineers prepare quotes only on square metres of the house or the estimated cost of the house.

At Cornell Engineers, before we prepare a quotation for architectural engineering, we:

  • Assess the architectural drawings to understand the architect’s concept and style.
  • Check our time chedule to ensure we can complete the structural engineering design in the allotted time frame.
  • Check Dial Before You Dig to see if there are any underground services where the building work is proposed.
  • Determine whether a soil report is required and how much one will cost.
  • Determine whether a site visit is required before we start work.
  • Estimate design fees and drafting fees.
  • Prepare a concise fee letter which sets out what will can help with, what we need you to provide, how long we will take, what we will charge and when and what you will get for your investment.

We firmly believe that the process we follow for structural engineering  gives us the best chance of preparing a thoughtful, economical design.

That gives you and your builder the very best chance of building a beautiful architectural home with exactly the right amount of strength, stiffness and structure.

Why Work With Us

  • You are spending a lot of money on your home.
  • You want no trouble from it. You want it to be easy to maintain and you want it to be very well built.
  • You want your home to be safe and secure for your family. Your home is your fortress and your sanctuary. You need it to protect you and your family when you’re around and keep your possessions safe when you’re not around.
  • You want your home to be there long after you are gone. You want your home to be your legacy – something of value that will outlast you and bring cheer to future generations and owners.

Think we might work well together?

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