Please Welcome Rachel

We’re proud to formally welcome Rachel Tsang, our newest graduate structural engineer,  to the team at Cornell Engineers.

We asked Rachel about her transition from university life to full time employment as a graduate structural engineer. Here’s what she said:

My transition from university to the workplace was initially nerve-racking but also exciting to enter a new environment that gives the opportunity to learn and contribute to the real world.

At Cornell Engineers, I was able to quickly get settled and am enjoying my time due my friendly colleagues who are willing to help and teach me new things.

It is only my second week at Cornell Engineers and I have already gained a lot of valuable knowledge and experience. This includes seeing how the company works and operates, structural engineering knowledge, drafting, and how things on paper look like in real life from going on inspections.

I realise that university and work have a lot of differences including having to always work efficiently and productively during work hours, real life projects have more variety and can be more challenging, having to communicate with a wide variety of people, and the work you do is implemented in real life which gives a great sense of achievement.

From my experience, some tips I give to students include:

  • Start applying – getting an undergraduate job at an engineering company for experience and would be easier to get graduate offers;
  • Familarise yourself with the company, job details and requirements;
  • Have a concise resume and cover letter;
  • Practice and be confident in answer general interview questions;
  • Be willing to continuous learn.

I strongly believe that I will enjoy my time working at Cornell Engineers and gain skills and memories that will last a life time. With my passion for residential construction,

I will do my best to provide high quality professional engineering designs and solutions.

Congratulations Rachel. It’s great to have you join us. We very excited to have such an amazing team.

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  1. Good on you Rachel, Cornell Engineering are very good to work with and having worked with Matthew over a number of years in Brisbane and Mackay I have found him to be very experienced and professional, you will learn a lot and you will gain a lot of knowledge.

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