Cornell Engineers for Industrial Structures

Cornell Engineers provides engineering for heavy industrial structures including:

  • coal preparation plants
  • coal terminals
  • sugar terminals
  • conveyor systems
  • workshops
  • lifting beams
  • gantry cranes
  • drive-in sumps, pits and wash pads

Our clients include coal mines, sugar terminals, coal ports,  light industry and heavy industry.

Light Industrial Structures

Cornell Engineers can help with light industrial structures such as:

  • Indutrial driveway slabs and pavement design
  • Fibrecrete concrete;
  • Portal frame sheds;
  • Mezzani9ne floor design, inspection and safe working load rating.
  • Lifting beams and spreader beams.
  • Jib cranes;
  • retaining walls;
  • Office buildings and crib rooms

Coal Mining Structures

We’re able to provide structural engineering design, drawings and certification for structures on coal mines including:

  • new workshops and workshop extensions;
  • new offices and office extensions;
  • washplants
  • concrete sumps;
  • temporary crib rooms and washrooms;
  • conveyor gantries;
  • monorail cranes;
  • gantry cranes;
  • minor preparation plant extensions; and
  • fibrecrete and reinforced concrete pavements.

We can also assist with these structural engineering jobs:

  • corrosion audits;
  • condition assessments;
  • dilapidation surveys.

Industrial Workshops

Workshop steel work

We’d love to design your new

  • workshop;
  • warehouses;
  • monorails,
  • gantry cranes,
  • lifting beams,
  • light pole footings; and
  • spreader beams.

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Repairs of Industrial Buildings

We have inspected and reported on damaged surge bins, retaining walls, portal frames, sumps and wash pads.

Call us today to get us on site. We’ll work to your schedule and work within your safety procedures.

We provide industrial structural engineering. Contact Us today about your industrial structural engineering requirements and  we’ll make you look good!

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