Our Services

We are structural engineers with a passion for residential construction.

We’ve been helping Queenslanders build, renovate and repair their homes since 2003.

We specialise in friendly, personal service and high quality professional structural engineering designs and certification for the residential home industry.

How can we help you today?

For Builders

  • Structural engineering and Form 15 certification for new homes, renovations, decks, retaining walls and extensions.
  • Timely construction phase inspections and Form 16 certification.
  • Quick response and intuitive solutions to site problems.

For Building Designers and Architects

  • Quick turnaround on structural engineering to make you look good.
  • Availability during construction to answer questions to solve unforseen problems.
  • A referral service to keep us both busy!

For Homeowners

  • Reviews of existing buildings for strength or potential to extend.
  • Inspections and repairs for cracked or damaged buildings.
  • Drawings and certifications for new structures to allow quoting by builders.
  • Inspections and honest advice to allow informed decisions.

Summary of Services We Provide

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For Commercial Builders

For commercial builders, we offer the following services:

  • Dilapidation surveys and condition surveys prior to commencement of construction.
  • Inspection of commercial offices and industrial buildings under construction
  • Design and specification of industrial workshops, pavements, warehouses and coal mine structures.
  • Fibrecrete slabs and suspended slabs.
  • Reinforced concrete footings, ground slabs, pavements, suspended slabs and fibrecrete slabs.
  • Timber floor frames, wall frames and roof members.
  • Concrete masonry walls and retaining walls.
  • Steel portal frames.
  • Formwork inspections and pre-pour inspections.
  • Specifications for fixing:
    • Spalled concrete.
    • Corroded reinforcement.
    • Damaged shed frames.
    • Overloaded slabs.

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Rectification and Repairs

We are structural engineers with experience in diagnosing problems in buildings and preparing plans for repairs.

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Smarter Structural Engineering