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New Houses

The House Design Process

We think this is the best process for getting your new house designed.

  1. Work out what you want in your new house. Get some photos together that show things that you like. Cut out magazine photos Pinterest pics or print photos from the internet.
  2. Sketch up the shape of your house and show where you want the bedrooms, laundry, kitchen and living space.
  3. Work out your budget (speak to your bank!)
  4. Find a building designer or architect. If you’re in South East Queensland, try these design professionals.
  5. Once you have plans from a building designer, get a soil test. Ask your soil tester for a “Site Classification”. Learn about what a soil test tells us.
  6. Send us your architect’s or building designer’s drawings and a copy of your soil test. We’ll provide you with a no-obligation quote for structural engineering.
  7. Our engineering plans are clear and easy to read and include details for your stiffened raft slab, bracing walls, wall frames and roof connections. Click here for a sample of our structural engineering drawings.  We will email the drawings and Form 15 design certificate to you.
  8. Find a builder. We work with some excellent builders in Queensland. We’re happy to recommend some builders to price your new home. The builder will engage the certifier and pay their fees directly.
  9. Watch your home being built and marvel in the spectacular structure! Start a blog and post some photos like these guys:
  10. Enjoy your new home!

Structural Engineering

When you engage us to be your structural engineer, we design the structural elements of your house by calculating the forces in the members and determining how big they need to be.

We use Australian Standards to determine the forces and then design the member sizes to suit. Your drawings will show this information clearly. If you are still confused, we are here to explain our ideas and listen so that we can solve your problems.

Find a sample of our drawings here.

Why You’ll Love Us

This is why you’ll love us:

  • We talk to you using words and ideas you understand.
  • We make an effort to make what we do ‘easy to understand’.
  • We answer your questions thoughtfully. If we don’t know the answers, we’ll find out or direct you to someone who does.
  • Our drawings are prepared using AutoCad and issued as a “book” in pdf format. They are easy to email to your construction team and easy to keep together.
  • After we issue your drawings, we will make minor changes to your drawings for no extra charge.

Cornell Engineers Can Help

Cornell Engineers are Brisbane structural engineers. You will benefit from our hard work and local knowledge.  We make sure the building structure is right for your location.

If you are a home owner, building designer, architect, certifier or builder, we can make your life easier.

We take into account your soil conditions, location of concentrated loads, roof design, floor loads and wind loads and generate a set of drawings that are an easy to read, intelligent specification of how to construct your house.

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