Engineering Peer Reviews

Cornell Engineers provides structural engineering for builders. Fix the problem of poor engineering drawings and specifications by engaging us to assist with an engineering peer review.

The Problem with Poor Engineering

Engineering drawings are being completed before a builder is engaged. The structural engineer is selected almost entirely on lowest price by an architect or building consultant because all structural engineers deliver essentially the same product.

As new engineers enter the market the price for engineering services is driven down. The engineer that wins the job is pressured to produce drawings for lower fees. The engineer that missed out on the job has to lower fees to compete or miss out on future work.

Lower fees = less thinking.

Architects that select structural engineers on price miss this salient fact when they report how little of the client’s budget they have spent on consultants.

If all structural engineers are equal, the ones working for lower fees are doing less thinking.

While lower fees will help the architect get a set of structural engineering drawings , less work and less thinking by a structural engineering consultant results in more work and more thinking for the builder.

When important structural elements are forgotten or poorly documented it makes it harder for the builder to build.

Our Offer to Builders

Low upfront bids are what wins work for builders. Tendering stage is brutal for experienced builders struggling to interpret poorly considered structural engineering drawings. The drawings are a minefield of problems, coordination issues, request for information delays… It’s a supply and install nightmare.

But poor documentation is an opportunity for smart builders. Poor structural engineering drawings, with all their errors and inconsistencies, give the builder an opportunity to win a bid on price and yet end up legally being paid a lot more than the tender price.

Requests for Information. That’s how smart builders are levelling the playing field. RFIs after the project is won open the door for variations. Variations are a builder’s golden opportunity.

Poor structural engineering documentation lets builders bid low and then increase the contract value with variations.

Smart builders know how to make the most of poor structural engineering drawings. They engage Cornell Engineers to undertake an engineering peer review.

Engineering Peer Reviews

Cornell Engineers has been designing, checking, inspecting, repairing and improving structural engineering drawings since 2003. We take pride in our workmanship. We think carefully about how a building goes together and we work hard to tailor a project to make it easy for a builder to build.

Smart builders can take advantage of Cornell Engineer’s peer review service. Our know how and experience becomes your weapon against ill-conceived designs.

By engaging Cornell Engineers to peer review the structural engineer’s drawings at tender stage, straight after you have won a project or any time during a project you take back control of the structural engineering.

What We Do

We look for inconsistencies, out of date information and specifications, errors, omissions and impracticality. We highlight these issues and help you formulate a RFI that puts you in a great position for a time or cost variation.

The structural engineer might have been selected based on the cheapest quote – but we’ll be doing more than saving you money – we’ll be making money for you.

Our Fee Guarantee

We’re so sure we’ll find a variation or a way to save you time and money that we’ll bet our own fees on it.

If we can’t find any inconsistencies, out of date information, poor specifications, errors, omissions or impracticalities to help you claim extras for time or construction costs – WE WON”T CHARGE YOU A CENT.

Nothing to Lose

What have you got to lose? It could be a job you’re working on now. It could be a job you’re quoting. It could be a job you’ve almost finished.

Here’s how you can get this process started:

And remember our guarantee:

As a builder’s engineer, if we can’t find any inconsistencies, out of date information, poor specifications, errors, omissions or impracticality, we won’t charge you a cent.