Design Guides

There are a lot of design guides that structural engineers use that are available on the world wide web.

We stay up to date with suppliers and materials by checking their websites. If you’re a structural engineer, an undergraduate structural engineer looking for design resources, a builder, a building designer or a homeowner, you might find something useful here.

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Structural Plywood and LVL (Laminated Timber)

Repair of Flood Damaged Houses

SmartJoist Design Guide

Concrete Masonry

Concrete Masonry  Retaining Walls Handbook

Concrete Masonry – Single Leaf Masonry Design Guide

TN61 Articulated Walling – Basic Reading for an Engineer


Residential Concrete Structures Resources

ARC Reinforcement Handbook

Residential Concrete Driveways and Paths

Great Manual on Concrete Repair

Cracks in Houses

QBCC Defective Residential Construction Work Causing Subsidence


Liberty Steel Design Resources

Lysaght Steel Sheeting Design Manual

Lysaght Purlins and Girts Manual

Handy Stramit Page for Steel Purlins

Webforge Flooring and Grate Design Manual

Fixings and Fasteners

Check out these videos for some background information on fixing to concrete and timber.

Batten Screws – Fixing to Timber

Fixing to Concrete and Masonry

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