Mackay Council Depot Aerial Plan

Council Depots

Cornell Engineers was engaged to provide the structural engineering for Mackay Regional Council’s new $27 Million depot at Crichtons Road, Paget in 2009.

This is what we learned:

  • Council depots need to be masterplanned for future growth. Leave plenty of space for extensions to buildings and workshops.
  • Provide covered walkways between carparks and work areas that are away from vehicle travel paths.  Where possible separate pedestrians from vehicles.
  • Allow plenty of on site parking for council fleet including small and large vehicles.
  • Make allowance for gantry cranes in all large workshops even if the cranes aren’t installed right away.
  • Provide exceptional facilities for council workers because they deserve it. Allow areas for recreation, training, breaks and personal storage. Ensure showers and change rooms are large and well laid out.
  • Provide washdown areas early in the project that can be used by construction vehicles if necessary.
  • Office buildings should be designed as post-disaster buildings because council needs to emergency services early after a natural disaster.
  • Provide plenty of natural light in workshop and artificial light for essential operations areas because councils provide services to communities at all hours.
  • Council depots should be secured by lockable sheds, lockable gates and fences and electronic security. Council depots are not a safe place for unaccompanied visitors.

Smarter Structural Engineering