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Checking Decks

Following recent catastrophic failures of decks in Victoria and Queensland, I urge you to have the deck or verandah on your house or investment property inspected regularly by a professional.

Our Australian climate is very harsh and even the most durable construction materials will eventually degrade. The defects might not be visually obvious to you – so have a professional Check your Deck! Continue reading Checking Decks

Termites And Cracked Slabs

Are you worried that termites could enter your house through cracks in the slab?

Well, it’s a possibility but according to research by the Cement and Concrete Association of Australia, a concrete slab designed and built in accordance with our current footing and slab standard AS2870 should keep the little critters out.

According to the CCAA data sheet, termites can’t get through cracks less than 1.4mm wide. Even though termites are smaller than that, they don’t like the rough concrete edges and have to mud line the crack to make it through.

I know you want to read more for yourself, so here’s the link:

Concrete Slabs as Barriers to Subterranean Termites

Car vs House

I was asked to quote a job recently where a car collided with a house. The damage had already been repaired but the owner started noticing:

  • cracking in walls, cornices and door trims;
  • popping of nails in walls;
  • jamming and misaligned doors;
  • cracking and crumbling of mortar in brick work.

These issues sound a lot like slab heave to me. Continue reading Car vs House