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Waffle Slab Inspection With Engineer’s Commentry

G’day. This is Matt Cornell from Cornell Engineers. This is a waffle slab inspection that we did a little while ago and I wanted to go through and put some words to it to let you know what we’re looking at during this inspection.

So here we go coming in from the front I’ll just pause it there and explain some of these things.

The white things that you can see are the polystyrene waffle pods. They are the voids in this soon to be poured concrete waffle slab. The waffle pods are about a one metre x one metre squares. They’re sort of semi- hollow underneath. They’re not solid polystyrene but on top they’re solid. The space between waffle pods is about 110mm wide.

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Good morning. I'm Matt Cornell. This is Barlee Cornell and this is the Cornell Engineers Thursday Morning Briefing. 
So I just want to say today thank you very much to everyone who supports us. We've got an amazing group of staff, we've got to say thank you to our friends and thank you to our family for supporting us.
I've been very busy and we're working hard trying to keep up with all the jobs.
Thank you very much for trusting us with your work.
Pretty short and sweet today so we'll go straight to the shoutouts.
So we want to say a big hello to the girls who work for the company whose name starts with "S". Very secretive. (Thank you Barlee.)
So hello to Mari, Emily, to Kerrie Kylie, Michelle, Jacquie, Sarah, Saara, Joe... and Paul. Hang on. No. Joe's not a girl - Joe and Paul thank you for your support guys. Love working with you. Thank you very much.
As far as keeping the busy (Barlee's left me already) so this week we've already had a pretty large week, Thursday morning included. I've got staff engineers in Griffin, Bald Hills, Murrarie, Narangba, Coorparoo, Wavell Heights Brighton and Clayfield this week and have had been this week.
So thanks for tuning in. We'll see you next Thursday. Have a great week!