Building over sewers

Build over a Sewer

The rules for building near existing council-owned buried infrastructure (including sewer mains, stormwater pipes and underground electrical cables) vary from region to region. There are two main reasons for these rules.

  1. They want to be able to access their pipes safely;
  2. They don’t want your structure to collapse into their trenches.

Keep this in mind when constructing over or near sewer mains, stormwater pipes and electrical cables.

Here is a video that explains the rules a little bit more.


The rules for building over or near sewers changed in November 2013. Under the new approval process, building work over or near a sewer must be assessed against Queensland Development Code Mandatory Part 1.4 (MP 1.4).

The Department of Housing and Public Works has information on MP1.4.  This is the manual we refer to when preparing a build over sewer application in Queensland.

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