Structural Engineers Brisbane

If you’re looking for a structural engineer in Brisbane, then I’d like to help you. I’ve been a structural engineer since 1991. I have been running my own business since 2003. I specialise in designing and certifying houses, extensions and renovations.

I can design and certify retaining walls, steel beams, new footings, relocated walls, double storey extensions and more. What’s more – I’m easy to talk to, I love taking your ideas and needs and making them a reality and I really, really like working with Queenlanders – the people AND the buildings!

My company is Cornell Engineers and our Brisbane office is located in Hendra. We happily service and inspect buildings all over Brisbane and throughout Queensland by appointment.

I’m here to help. Call me if you need a structural engineer in Brisbane. Phone 07 3102 2835.

If you are after home renovation or new build ideas and would like to see some of our current projects being built, add us on FaceBook.

Five Questions with Kimberley Britton

Kimberley Britton answers Five Questions

Cornell Engineers’ design drafter has answered 5 of our Questions!

Kimberley Britton
Kimberley Britton

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and what your position at Cornell Engineers involves?

I moved over from the UK 10 years ago and went straight into studying a Bachelor of Design majoring in Interior Design and Property Economics at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane. Once graduated I moved up to Mackay and secured a job working for a construction and design company as their building and interior designer. During this time, I started to work for Cornell Engineers as their drafter. I have the opportunity to work on a diverse range of projects within Queensland and to see unique one-off renovations and building designs. Since working here I have advanced onto designing footings and slabs, roof and floor framing and calculating the bracing required. Working at Cornell Engineers has opened my eyes to a whole new part of the building industry, something I find as invaluable.

2. What sort of projects do you prefer?

New build residential hands down. Although renovations and restorations are exciting and challenging, new builds just seems to get my blood flowing. Creating a design from scratch with no parameters is a dream come true itself. It’s the whole process of a build that I love; from a concept, to schematic design, to design development and then onto construction. Each stage involves communication with a wide range of different people within the building industry and with cross communication becomes more learning!

3. What is a future trend you would like to see develop?

The designing of homes that accommodate today’s society. No longer does the nuclear family comprise of 2 adults and 2.5 children whom in which prefer to be isolated from their neighbours and have family time every night round a dining table. Due to house prices escalating over the past couple of years, younger couples are unable to buy into the property market and are either; moving in with one of the parents and staying at home a lot longer, or joining with another couple to buy a house. Therefore a ‘typical’ house does not accommodate these modern families. Re-designing of public and private zones and providing independent entrances not only promotes longevity but also encourages future sustainable housing.

4. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

In 10 years time I will be a well known successful designer within the building industry. I aim to challenge myself to learn all parts of building design and then to use my knowledge and creativity to create the unexpected, my pièce de résistance. So far I have been very lucky in having great mentors and I hope that I will continue to have for many years to come.

5. If money and time wasn’t a factor, what would be your dream job and why?

Mhhmmm that would definitely have to be a pastry chef. I love to bake and experiment with sweet delicious ingredients and having the ability to create a work of art through creativity and attention to detail would be amazing. Like design, the opportunities are endless. The world is your oyster and you can manipulate and push as many boundaries as you desire. But most of all, you are able to stand back at the end and take pride in your creation.


Cyclone Damage

Cyclone Damage

We are structural engineers. We can help you if your building was damaged by the cyclone.

We can assist with structural engineering and make-safe work after the cyclone. If it is important that you get the right beam size and repairs done quickly, call us for structural engineering in Ayr, Townsville,  Bowen and Mackay.

The best number to call us on?

07 3102 2835

Site photos a big hit

If a picture tells a thousand words, our construction photos tell even more. Watch some great Brisbane renovation projects being built and learn what goes into a building to make it strong.

Our photo of the week this week is Julian Kajewski on site in Banyo, Brisbane where a house extension is well underway by Ascot builder James Maguire Construction. Designed by clever building designer Roger Cook of Roger Cook Design, the double storey extension is ready for cladding and roof sheeting.

Matthew Cornell of Cornell Engineers Brisbane did the timber frame inspection this week – aided by Julian who is studying construction management in Brisbane.

Julian Kajewski doing a frame inspection.
Julian Kajewski on site.

The photo generated a flurry of likes and comments on Cornell Engineers FaceBook page. It reinforces Cornell Engineers’ philosophy that engineering isn’t about buildings – it’s about people working with people.

Matthew Cornell said,”Like our FaceBook page! We’re always updating the page with photos of our jobs under construction. It’s a great way to take the mystery out of the building process. Structural engineers needn’t be the only one that get to appreciate the beauty of the structure under the skin of houses.”

Head over to Cornell Engineer’s FaceBook page here.