Timber Retaining Walls

At Cornell Engineers we don’t subscribe the idea of using timber in direct contact with the dirt because of durability issues (early breakdown of timber that is constantly moist).

Because of this risk we tend not to design and certify timber retaining walls. We much prefer concrete masonry walls for structural retaining walls. 

However if you really would prefer to use timber in a retaining wall then there’s a manual published by Timber Queensland that you should have a look at.  Continue reading Timber Retaining Walls

SpaceGass Training Videos

I found this series of SpaceGass training videos on YouTube and thought they were worth sharing. They’re getting a bit old now (2010) but that’s the version we use at Cornell Engineers – and I suspect this version is still in use in quite a few small structural engineering consultancies.

SpaceGass is an awesome 3d structural engineering analysis program. Buy it at the SpaceGass website. Continue reading SpaceGass Training Videos