Training Session – Ramset Reid

Cornell Engineers would like to thank Paul Timson – project engineer from Ramset Reid – for the Friday technical session he presented to our engineers today.

In their own words

The lessons we learnt today were:

“My take away is not cleaning the dust out of the holes prior to chemset like they recommend in installation guide can severely reduce pullout capacity.”

“My takeaway was if post installing an anchor into a much larger hole, the pure epoxy blends can be used over 2x bar diameter.”

“My takeaway is that where coring is used for holes 101 grade chemset is not recommended as it relies on a somewhat physical bond to achieve its documented capacity. This cannot occur with smooth sides associated with coring.”

“I didn’t know that the installation can impact the load capacity that much and also that chemsets can be used in flooded holes, even underwater.”

Thank You Ramset Reid

Thanks Paul from Ramset Reid. Your technical session was very worthwhile.

Investigating Structural Damage

Mr Rob Hughes, semi-retired director of engineer consultancy heavy-weight Hughes, Beal & Wright, has forgotten more about investigating structural damage than many engineers will ever know.

So when Rob agreed to let Cornell Engineers share his guidelines for investigating structural damage, we were super-excited to take this opportunity to publish his truly exceptional insights.

Structural engineers, forensic engineers and up and coming engineers: please read on. Continue reading Investigating Structural Damage

Residential Structural Engineers

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